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Cooper Norton: Cedar Rapids, Iowa:  Cooper picked up a prized mini bag of Frank's Kraut at the annual Lisbon. Iowa Sauerkraut Days.

Jeremy Kohout and sons Johnathan and Connor:  York, Nebraska celebrate their love of music and Frank's Kraut in traditional garb.

Mike Marler, Lincoln, Nebraska:  Heaps an entire serving of Frank's Kraut on his plate for lunch!

Khatija Mohiuddin, Chicago, IL.:  Chicago professional Khatija keeps Frank's Sauerkraut on hand to add instant zest to her meals.  She says, "It ALWAYS tastes AMAZING!"   Check out her own Turkey Burgers with Frank's Sauerkraut recipe above or on the label of Frank's Sauerkraut.   


The Burnetti Family, Munster, IN.:  Munster IN mom Nancy Brunetti has been eating New Year’s God Luck Pork and Sauerkraut dinner all her life, now she shares shares this delicious dish with her own family!   You can find Nancy's pork and sauerkraut recipe above
and on Frank's Sauerkraut labels.  Pictured:  Jacob, Jack, Dan and Nancy

Toni Majerczyk, Channahon, IL.:  Toni sweetened everyone's life when she prepared her Frank's Sauerkraut and Dumpling dinner when she volunteered as a guest chef at a Chicago area nursing home.  You can find her recipe above and on Frank's Sauerkraut.  

The Lisbon, IA Sauerkraut gang:
This gang makes life sweet by expressing their love for Frank’s Sweet Kraut at the annual Lisbon, IA Sauerkraut Days. The handmade costumes by these self proclaimed “cabbage heads” are worn to show their pride for Frank’s in the annual parade. Pick up a can and join the party.  L-R Sharon Reinken, Julie Light, Cathy Jordan, Megan Dietsch & Bob Hill

Chef Danny Douglas makes his recipe sweet with a not so secret ingredient: Frank’s Sweet Kraut.
Danny’s and other special recipes can be found on Frank’s community website: www.myfrankskraut.com

Two-year old Hailey's parents know one way to sweeten her day and put a smile on her face: homemade Bavarian-style pizza,
topped with Frank’s Sweet Kraut. Hailey LOVES sauerkraut and eats it straight from the jar. With an appetite like that,
this is one little girl who’s going places. Hailey is from Wisconsin.
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